The “Vario” sliding door system represents a unique solution for guiding a flat surface around a curved rail. Architects and designers can then feel comfortable and confident specifying ultra-creative designs where door elements need to move along curved spaces.

The goal to perfect this door system untimely to its current design, that includes a pivoting head with two flexibly mounted rollers. This unique and well thought out design prevents jamming and ensures smooth movement. Thanks to superior design the narrowest possible radius of the track could be brought to 13 inches. This allows maximal door leaf movements in the smallest of spaces.











■ One-of-a-kind solution for sliding straight doors along curved walls
■ System also suitable for curved door leaves (variant ST.1005.VAR/ radius up to min. 750 mm)
■ Custom planning of the complete system by MWE
■ Runs smoothly thanks to rail of solid material
■ Suitable for glass, wood, metal or plastic door leaves
■ Door leaf weight up to 135 kg


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