Premium Edition

Terra M is the third model from the Terra series designed for installations where the sliding door system cannot be mounted to the ceiling. It is characterized by two stainless steel half shells clamping the roller in the middle of the glass door leaf. Its absolutely distinctive feature: Terra M is “two-faced”: Whereas one side features function, the other side conceals it, so that an individual ambience can be created in two adjacent rooms.

Terra M is suited for door leaves 8-12mm thick, weighing 155 kg max. The runner rail can be either screwed or glued to the floor.








■ System with floor track
■ Weight of door leaf is transmitted directly to the floor
■ No visible screw connections on the reverse (rollers can be mounted on either side)
■ Glued, bolted or flush-mounted floor track available
■ Low clearance between door leaf and wall element due to rollers set in the middle under the glass door
■ Available with MWE-soft stop-technology
■ Door leaf weight up to 155 kg 29,5-49,5 75 kg



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