Urban oasis

This private retreat is located in the back courtyard of an urban housing development in Hamburg. In the light and airy interior, natural materials conspire with bright tones and clear-cut forms to create an ultra-modern and extremely livable atmosphere. The bathroom area has a functional look with its two frameless all-glass doors in bright grass green. The door leaves reach to the ceiling and open and close precisely and safely with their double action hinges from the Motion series. The two Klassik stiletto handles enable simple floor locking of the bathroom doors. Both the bedroom and the guest room have been separated from the rest of the spaces using the Midway sliding door system. In the guest room, the track ends with a face mounting directly onto the custom-made shelving, which runs without interruption from one room into the other. The light and airy look of the entire door system is further underlined by the GR.5941 reach-through flush pull.

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