Fairytale castle in Lippstadt

Like part of the old fortifications, this historical building stands before the gates to the old town with its gables, towers and bay windows. Concealed within this beautiful building in Lippstadt is the insurance agency Twillemeier and other organisations. Sporkmann architect’s office designed a room to allow daylight to penetrate rooms as unhindered as possible. Some of the individual offices and meeting areas have been designed with round glass cabins with MWE hardware. Sliding doors and pivoting doors with round door leaves were used. The Klassik sliding door system proved to be the perfect choice. Its clear, unpretentious design sits elegantly alongside the classic interior décor. The Klassik system has been our top seller for years. Not only do its looks impress; its compatibility with different materials such as glass, wood, metal and plastic make it so versatile too. The third point mount ensures maximum stability, consigning to the past bent carriages from improper use of the door elements.

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